I feel like I can’t win

My girls and I were out having a good time just talking and chilling at the bars. After closing time we walked out to wait near a pizza joint for our cab.

While we were waiting these two men started aggressively yelling out sexual comments at us. We all wanted nothing to do with this.

Before I realized what was going on they started to try and touch me.

I yelled stop and three men came and got these men to stop what they were doing to us.

We walked a far distance to wait for our ride. We thought it was over, we were in a crowded area, there were police around.

I was looking for the cab when my shoulders were grabbed and I was thrown to the ground. I got up to realize it was one of the men who had been harassing us.

I ran after him yelling for people to help that this man had just attacked me but no one did.

The police were unable to find him or do anything about it.

My elbows are now bruised all the way up to my wrist and I cant lift my left arm because my shoulders hurt so much.

I am so over being seen as an object. I am so over being seen as something to be controlled. I am so over people saying this is not about gender. Women/anyone should be able to say no and not be hurt for it. I feel like I can’t win. If we say yes we are a slut and if we say no we are a prude and need to be punished. Either way society is saying we are asking for “it”. FUCK THIS. No one deserves the consequences of this twisted patriarchy.

I've got your back!

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verbally harassed

My wife was verbally harassed by two men, both mid to late 20s, 5’10”-ish.

They commented on her butt and her legs and told her she was their angel.

She turned around and reported it directly to the apartment complex office.

I've got your back!

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fighting back tears

While out walking, two men in a truck followed alongside me in traffic for many blocks whistling and making kissing and sucking noises at me.

I ignored them, but it continued until I reached a spot where some police officers were parked.

I hunkered down near them, fighting back tears, until the creeps finally drove off.

I've got your back!

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without my consent

Dude grabbed me from behind and started trying to grind with me without my consent.

When I ripped his hand off of my body, he shoved me and told me that if I get in his way, I better be prepared to dance with him.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.44.58 PM

I've got your back!

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I was freaked out and became very upset

I was at this bar last night with friends. It was near closing time and we got separated.

I circled the place trying to find them and got grabbed by guys multiple times…on my arms, shoulders, and even once on the thigh.

I was freaked out and became very upset, one of the workers saw me and only told me to get out of his way.

I've got your back!

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This doesn’t seem like such a ‘huge’ story, but it happened so close to my home on my regular “walk around the block” and really unsettled and upset me.

I was just on a walk with my headphones in–a really good walk, a really pretty day, enjoying my music, when a guy (youngish, probably in his 20s) pulled up and rolled down his window. People often ask for directions in this neighborhood, so I pulled out my earphones to see if he needed help.

He said “Can I ask you something?” I just stared at him for a moment. “Would you do me the honor of giving me a kiss?” (Ughh .. makes me feel slimy just to write it!).

I felt kind of punched in the gut, told him “What the hell is WRONG with you?” (and I never, ever swear, by the way–it sounds really tame, but that’s probably the worst thing I’ve said to anyone in public–I was just super shocked).

I immediately put my earphones back in and booked it up the street. I heard him calling. “Hey! Come back! You’re beautiful!”.

His car followed me up the street about halfway. I kept ignoring him, and eventually he revved the engine and raced off.

I’ve been harassed before, but this one really got me because it was so close to home–in a quiet little suburban neighborhood.

I was so embarrassed I didn’t want to tell my parents.

I now wish I had. I feel like I gave this guy way too much power by keeping silent, the jerk.

I've got your back!

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Pisses me off

A car full of guys drove past and shouted/cat-called at me.

I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt and walking with my boyfriend and his male friend.

Shit pisses me off. Totally unacceptable.

Catcalling should be made illegal. We should be able to take license plates and report the creeps.

I've got your back!

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Asked how much I charged for sex

I was walking to my friends house one night to a sleepover.

I heard someone walking behind me so I walked faster until I came to a street light.

There was a man probably in his 40s, I was 15.

He came close to me and asked how much I charged for sex.

I was scared and I didn’t know what to say.

I said “um, no.” and kept walking.

He followed me for 2 blocks until I started yelling at him to stop following me.

I've got your back!

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