Awful, terrifying AND racist

“Hey darlin”,

“Dayum, redhead”,

“you got an ass like a black woman, you know that?”




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I hate not having the freedom to walk down the street

I was waiting outside my friend’s apartment last week. We had agreed to meet up, and I was early.
A group of men on the corner started catcalling me. I ignored them and started walking in the opposite direction, and they started yelling more and telling me all the ways they were going to fuck me.
I ran into a corner store to get away where I was then verbally harassed and called a bitch because I wouldn’t speak to a random man who was saying creepy things to me and smacking his lips.
So I left the store and was going to the gas station across the street when another man threatened to shoot me for standing on the sidewalk.
I yelled back at all these men, but I don’t think they cared or processed that their behavior was inappropriate.
I ended up calling a friend to come and wait with me.
The police do nothing in those situations if they even show up.
I hate not having the freedom to walk down the street and mind my own business.


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Weeks like this make me want to just stay home.

Weeks like this make me want to just stay home.

Monday a man sat across from me on the bus and continually leaned over to whisper lewd comments to me. He told me I was making him hard. He said he bet I had a tight pussy. He claimed my lipstick was sexy but would look better on his dick. I kept my eyes on my phone, sending random texts to have something to do, and ignored him. He got off the bus at my stop and preceded to follow me, about five yards behind. I could hear him. I made sure to keep my shadow in front of me by walking such that the street lights and such were consistently behind me, so I could see if his approached. When I came to an intersection I needed to cross, I glanced back sidelong cause I could do it subtly there, and saw him step behind a bush to avoid me. I crossed the street rapidly, stepped around the corner of a building and crouched down behind a wall to hide until I saw him walk by, pause, look around, then just shrugged and walked off. I waited a while longer before walking home, not wanting him to know where I lived.

Tuesday, I was waiting alone at a bus stop at a very dark intersection late at night and man pulled up in his car to offer me a ride. I stated firmly that no, thanks for the offer, but I was fine. For the next ten minutes he sat there, idling, haggling with me. “You sure? Cmon, just get in. Don’t be like that. Its no problem”. I remained firm and just repeated myself every time. He didn’t leave till he had to do so to get out of the way of the approaching bus. His parting words were “Whatever, Bitch.”

Wednesday, I was waiting for the bus to work and a man approached and asked what bus to catch to get to Arcadia. I told him the bus number, which happened to be the one I was waiting for. He asked when the next one was coming and I told him. He asked if I was sure and I assured him that I took that bus to get to work all the time. At which point he thanked me and said I had very pretty eyes. I made the mistake of smiling slightly and saying thankyou, at which point he informed me that I had “the kind of eyes that make fucking better when you’re looking into them”. I had already engaged this man in conversation and was thrown by the sudden turn and so I tried to laugh it off: another mistake. He preceded to continue talking about how I was the kind of woman he could really get off with and I continued trying to ignore and casually dismiss his commentary without escalating the situation. He got on the bus after me, I made sure to sit in a row-side seat and place my purse in the window seat next to me. He gave me an offended look and said he had wanted to sit next to me so that he could touch me. I ignored him. He got off the bus at my stop and followed me all the way to the door of my place of business before I lost him. Thursday, he showed up at my work, dropped off a key card to a room in the hotel across the street, and told me he would be back at the end of my shift and that I “was totally coming over tonight, you just don’t know it yet”. I closed the store early and my coworker gave me a ride home.

Friday two men walked up to me at a train station, boxing me in against a wall, and semi-circle-paced around me telling me I was “kinda thick for a white girl, in a good way”, “damn you got a helluva ass you packin in those jeans”, and suggesting the the only things I should do would be to wear my hair down and show more cleavage. Hatefully, I was frozen in inaction until the next train came and they laughed, told me to “have a great day, beautiful” and got on. I didn’t. It was my only day off n I had had plans but instead I went home and didn’t leave the house for the rest of the day.

Saturday, yesterday, I was once again waiting for the bus to work. I was sitting on the bench, reading a book, when a man approached and leaned over me, placing his hand against the wall behind me such that I could not stand without having to duck around his arm. He asked me if I was single, I said “no” and kept reading. He asked me “boyfriend or husband?” I didn’t answer. He asked me what I was reading, I paused long enough to give him a ‘give it up’ look, and went back to reading. He started listing off types of books, genres, stories it could be and just kept going till I snapped that it was “a fantasy novel”. He told me I was a fantasy. I made a “hmm.” sound. He asked if I was American. I said “yes.” He said I didn’t sound like it. Then he said I also didn’t sound like I had a boyfriend; he said I talked like a single woman. I ignored him. He got on the bus after me, and sat across from me. I remained focused on my book but, in my periphereal, could see him staring at me the whole trip. When I got to my stop, as I got to the door, I saw him start to stand to follow me. I turned and half-shouted “Seriously, don’t!” A bunch of people looked and he sat back down, making expressions and gestures to people like I was crazy, and I got off.

No one of these incidents rates in the top ten worst experiences of their ilk I’ve had but together, they make for one of the worst weeks I’ve had in a while. Today, I’m getting rides both to and from work and was going to call out if I couldn’t.

I’m so fucking tired of being unable to walk out my own front door and live my fucking life without assholes harassing me.

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I went to work (crying, obviously)

Our assigned parking spaces are in an alley behind the apartment complex – they are enclosed in fences that we have to open up, get into our car, back out of, then get out and close again.

As I was leaving for work this morning, I saw a truck driving down the alley. It slowed as I opened my gate, and while I was getting back into my car to pull out of my spot, he stopped right behind me, blocking my car into my space.

He whistled at me and was saying things in a creepy tone (I could not understand the language), I waited for a short time, hoping he would leave and let me out, I honked and then leaned out and said MOVE and then told him to F*CK OFF. He started yelling at me and saying F*ck you, b*tch! over and over.

I held up my phone to ‘take a picture’, but my camera wasn’t prepared, this startled him and he pulled away.

I pulled out of my spot, got out and closed my gate, started down the alley to exit in the opposite direction and go to work but I felt so, so angry that he made me feel unsafe. I turned around in the alley and sped down to the other side where he was waiting to exit. I snapped some photos of his license plate and followed him for a bit, screaming at him never to harass women again.

Eventually, he pulled over and I pulled up next to his window and yelled at him again – he either didn’t understand me or pretended not to understand. He appeared shaken (GOOD!) and I tried to snap another photo of him but he peeled out and got away.

I went to work (crying, obviously). When I told my roommates about the incident and sent them the photo of the license plate and vehicle, one had left for the gym just before me (she walks there) and said that he had yelled out the window at her, too, earlier that morning. I sent the images to my landlord.

Hope to never see that guy again and that he learned his lesson.

Not sure if we’re allowed to post license plates here, but I will attach anyway.

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I felt objectified and afraid.

I was walking with my best friend and eating ice cream when a man who was with a group of men leaned over and said “why you walking so fast, let me have a bite”.

I felt objectified and afraid.

Because he was with a group, I wasn’t certain if he’d continue to call after me.

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I’m walking home, right by the library, and 2 creeps a little older than me (early 20s? I’m 16) drive past when I’m waiting to cross.

They slowed down their truck and both the driver and passenger were leering at me and shouting at me.

Thankfully I couldn’t really make out what they were saying, and I’m sure I wouldn’t want to.

Absolutely Disgusting.

I felt helpless but thankfully they were gone in a few seconds.

The rest of my walk I couldn’t stop shaking and feeling paranoid.

Seriously considering bringing a burly male friend with me when I walk to avoid this shit

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A teenage boy repeatedly touched a girl’s breast on the bus though she told him to stop many times.



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I worry I might run into him again

I was on the Orange Line headed to West Hills.

I was on the phone with my best friend, when I noticed a man sit down directly across from me. I didn’t pay him any attention at first but something made me look up and when I did I was appalled at the sight.

He was masturbating, his genitals fully exposed with a dark lecherous look on his face. I stared at him in shock while he stared back, licking his lips and continuing to masturbate.

As a frequent bus rider,I worry I might run into him again.

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