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La Crescenta
October 6, 2018

New Submission

Walking past my neighbor, wearing a shirt that read “cutie [pie symbol]”. I said hello, my neighbor said “how’s it going cutie pie?” Commentary on my clothing is not appreciated, total stranger, who knows where I live!
July 1, 2018


I was walking down the street this morning. I had my earbuds in blasting music, so I couldn't hear all of what was said. I also had sunglasses on, so I couldn't see their faces. Not that I'd want to see/interact with them in the first place. But I remember them--the three of them chatting, sitting on some bike rack or metal gate for cars. One voice above the others:…
South Los Angeles
February 15, 2018

Damn, baby!

Felt unsafe outside my own apartment. Started off friendly. “Wow, hair blowin’ in the wind, are you a mermaid?” “I wish”, walking away. "Damn baby.” Ugh.


Asked how much I charged for sex

I was walking to my friends house one night to a sleepover. I heard someone walking behind me so I walked faster until I came to a street light. There was a man probably in his 40s, I was 15. He came close to me and asked how much I charged for sex. I was … Continued

It’s scary to think I don’t have to go outside to face harassment.

He showed up at my house, unannounced. He was outside my window. I texted my best friend. He was drunk. He hurt me emotionally. He never should have violated my space. He could have raped or hurt me. It’s scary to think I don’t have to go outside to face harassment. [got_back]


I was drunk. Riding a hotel elevator. I was sitting in the corner when the newspaper delivery guy came in, crouched down to ask if I was okay. He then grabbed me between my legs. [got_back]