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July 1, 2018


I was walking down the street this morning. I had my earbuds in blasting music, so I couldn't hear all of what was said. I also had sunglasses on, so I couldn't see their faces. Not that I'd want to see/interact with them in the first place. But I remember them--the three of them chatting, sitting on some bike rack or metal gate for cars. One voice above the others:…
Historic Filipinotown
May 11, 2017

Hate crime

A few days ago, someone wrote "Ugly Nigger" on my car door. I read somewhere that a lot of people who are victims of hate crimes don't report it. I almost didn't report this incident because a part of me felt embarrassed and ashamed that this had happened to me. But at the end of the day, I know that remaining silent is not the way to go, so I…
April 18, 2017

She was so scared she hid…

A person with black and blonde dreadlocks just walked up to an older lady who only spoke Spanish, called her a bunch of names, and mocked her when she was just sitting there trying to eat. The older lady was so scared she jumped up, exclaimed, "Ahhh!" in fear, and cowered behind a man sitting at the next table over. The woman with dreadlocks mocked her, then walked outside and…


Asked how much I charged for sex

I was walking to my friends house one night to a sleepover. I heard someone walking behind me so I walked faster until I came to a street light. There was a man probably in his 40s, I was 15. He came close to me and asked how much I charged for sex. I was … Continued

It’s scary to think I don’t have to go outside to face harassment.

He showed up at my house, unannounced. He was outside my window. I texted my best friend. He was drunk. He hurt me emotionally. He never should have violated my space. He could have raped or hurt me. It’s scary to think I don’t have to go outside to face harassment. [got_back]


I was drunk. Riding a hotel elevator. I was sitting in the corner when the newspaper delivery guy came in, crouched down to ask if I was okay. He then grabbed me between my legs. [got_back]