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June 22, 2016

“he had followed me for the…

I was walking from the [coffee store] nearby the Metro station on New York Ave & 9th street headed to work in the morning. I had headphones on listening to music minding my own business. This man touched me to stop me as I was walking into the office building where I work. I freaked because I didn't know why he was touching me. He claimed he had followed me…
September 25, 2015

An Anonymous Story: Cab Driver from…

I was walking through a crosswalk WITH a stop sign and a cab driver came speeding through and almost hit me. He then tried to lecture me for what seemed like an eternity. He scolded me for crossing a pedestrian walkway on a college campus, saying that he would think a young woman would be more careful so as not to get her "pretty legs" hit by a car. When…
September 6, 2015

Awful, terrifying AND racist

"Hey darlin", "Dayum, redhead", "you got an ass like a black woman, you know that?"      


Asked how much I charged for sex

I was walking to my friends house one night to a sleepover. I heard someone walking behind me so I walked faster until I came to a street light. There was a man probably in his 40s, I was 15. He came close to me and asked how much I charged for sex. I was … Continued

It’s scary to think I don’t have to go outside to face harassment.

He showed up at my house, unannounced. He was outside my window. I texted my best friend. He was drunk. He hurt me emotionally. He never should have violated my space. He could have raped or hurt me. It’s scary to think I don’t have to go outside to face harassment. [got_back]


I was drunk. Riding a hotel elevator. I was sitting in the corner when the newspaper delivery guy came in, crouched down to ask if I was okay. He then grabbed me between my legs. [got_back]