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Mid Central
October 23, 2018

Stop telling women to smile

Was catching the metro home from memorial park station at 10:30pm and this guy said some creepy shit to me, I ignored it- bitch face™️ on and headphones in. He told me to smile more, I muttered fuck off. The train arrived just then and I fled as he yelled “WTF DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME?!” I tried to get away but he kept following me throughout the train…
Mid Central
October 23, 2018

Someone can violate your sense of…

I was with my older sis walking home and this guy was parked at the cross walk next to a fast food place. He had on no pants, had his window down and his disgusting limp dick in his hand. We didn’t notice what was happening until we got close. He was making eye contact with us the whole time and ignoring a green light so that he could be directly…
La Crescenta
October 6, 2018

New Submission

Walking past my neighbor, wearing a shirt that read “cutie [pie symbol]”. I said hello, my neighbor said “how’s it going cutie pie?” Commentary on my clothing is not appreciated, total stranger, who knows where I live!


Asked how much I charged for sex

I was walking to my friends house one night to a sleepover. I heard someone walking behind me so I walked faster until I came to a street light. There was a man probably in his 40s, I was 15. He came close to me and asked how much I charged for sex. I was … Continued

It’s scary to think I don’t have to go outside to face harassment.

He showed up at my house, unannounced. He was outside my window. I texted my best friend. He was drunk. He hurt me emotionally. He never should have violated my space. He could have raped or hurt me. It’s scary to think I don’t have to go outside to face harassment. [got_back]


I was drunk. Riding a hotel elevator. I was sitting in the corner when the newspaper delivery guy came in, crouched down to ask if I was okay. He then grabbed me between my legs. [got_back]