She was so scared she hid behind a stranger

A person with black and blonde dreadlocks just walked up to an older lady who only spoke Spanish, called her a bunch of names, and mocked her when she was just sitting there trying to eat.

The older lady was so scared she jumped up, exclaimed, “Ahhh!” in fear, and cowered behind a man sitting at the next table over. The woman with dreadlocks mocked her, then walked outside and stood in front of the window yelling at her, calling her names, cussing, and threatening her.

It went on long enough for another man to start recording in case she came back inside to physically assault her. The woman with dreadlocks eventually left but lingered at the edge of the parking lot on the sidewalk for another few minutes before she continued walking in the direction of the V**** Theater.

I’m not sure why she came after the older lady to begin with because I didn’t see any other interactions between them. The older lady had ordered her food right before me so I don’t think they had any, aside from maybe looking at each other, since they had been sitting on opposite sides of the room until the other women got up and started walking toward her cussing.