Threatening note

I was in a yoga class. I came back out and noticed a note on my windshield.

When I pulled into the parking lot, the person parked next to me was a bit over the line so that required me to park a little bit crooked.

Well, when I came out of the class about 90 minutes later there was a mean note on my dashboard, threatening to key my car and suggested that the person who came by after meĀ and tried to park had discussed with some other person in the parking lot whether they should key my car all the way around, and that I gave a bad name to women and that I really reinforced their stereotype that women are bad drivers.

I suppose the way they knew I was a female was my poster from the women’s march that was still on my dashboard. It was very unsettling thinking about people discussing vandalizing my car, or doing violence when I wasn’t there.

Here is a photo of the note: