Homophobia in action

I have had horrible experiences while in my home town following coming out of the closet as a gay man, before hand for being effeminate, and multiple instances after coming “out of the closet.” People broke a window out of my home, the headlight in my car, tried to run me off the road, threatened me with bodily harm (but stated they were afraid of catching AIDS if they hit me). I’ve been called a fag, homo and many other horrible things.

This is an awful thing to go through, and a more horrible thing to do to others. I watched people when I was young endure this and also watched people do this to other people when I was younger.

My opinion is that it is not based in anything more than lynching behavior of people who are different in the communities to make the undesired person/people leave or to terrorize them.

I have known people who have been on the receiving end over relationships, sexuality, women in male-dominated fields, etc. I can give accounts of situations involving harassment of others from my own perspective.

Sadly, in some cases, it includes people who are leaders in the communities. There is a lot of singling out that happens in the medical field as well in my experience. Any person who is not asking the question of why to both the giving side and receiving side stands to potentially fall prey to this sort of mob mentality from my perspective on the subject.