These people don’t even care how old you are

This happened a while back when I was 16.

I was walking home from school and a CITY WORKER pulled up next to me then stuck his head out of his car window and asked how much I charged with the creepiest smirk on his face. He didn’t care that he was on the opposite side of the rode or that he was on the job in his workers truck…

I was in shock and had never experienced this from such an older man let alone a city worker that by the time I reacted he was laughing and driving away.

What made it worse was that I went home and cried to my mother and she said “well look at what you have on what’d you expect?” I was so young then that I felt it was my fault and I never did anything about it.. It sucks knowing you can’t even trust ppl who work for the city you live in.