Local threats

I was walking down the street, coming back from the grocery store.

This man is leaning against his truck (I think he was a worker fixing one of the houses, or a gardener) and as I’m getting closer he says hi, but I ignore him and keep walking.

He then says “Rawrrrrr” in this creepy predatory way, it was so gross. So I say “ew don’t even cat call me”.

And then he proceeds to walk some feet – might I add I was not that close, so he took the energy to get close to me, right up to my face – he was pretty tall and big, he says “what’s the problem?”

And I was pretty scared. So then I whip out my phone, cos I honestly thought he was going to hit me or something, and I say I’ll call the cops on you. He just says “Go ahead”, so that scared the crap out of me not gonna lie.

We’re just standing there staring at one another, until I finally just shrug it off and say “Whatever f****r”. And walk away.

That guy was disgusting! As I’m walking away down the street to my house I can hear him walking in back of me so I speed it up. Safe to say if I ever spot him I’ll sneak a pic and report it or something ‘cos that was one of the most frightening experiences – I’m pretty small so I was freaking out!