He truly scared me

I went to Rite aid after school, then I was headed home.

Since I had my backpack, i didn’t purchase a bag at the store. When I got outside i was walking slowly putting the things I bought in my bag.

I suddenly felt someone walking close behind me and moved to the side so they could pass. But then so did the person behind me. I turned around and jumped because I got scared by how close he was to me. He laughed a bit and I at first thought it was all in my head and he only laughed because I got scared and he would continue to walk but he just stayed there. So I started walking, but he also started walking with me.

He asked me my name and I said a a fake name but tried to walk away from him because he was creeping the fuck out of me. Since he started walking at my speed I let him walk ahead.

He then asked me to go to his house and pointed to the corner. There are some shops near there and it was daylight so I wasn’t too scared but I felt unsafe, uncomfortable, and by the way he was looking at me dirty.

I made a mental plan to go into a grocery store as soon as I got there but then something told me to not go into any place and just stay right where people would be around.

He finally started walking ahead of me, but kept calling me to go with him. I said no a few times, and he kept looking back as if he was coming back. I then decided to walk the other way even though it would take me way longer to get to my house.

He first started following me again, but in the way we were going now there was people and he then stopped following me.

I felt terrified. Constantly looking back my whole way back to make sure he wasn’t following me. When I got home I realize I was shaking. He truly scared me.