Harassed by a man near Alamo Square

It happened near Alamo Square in San Francisco, between Fillmore and Webster. This man glanced back at me and stopped at a nearby house – presumably his own – waiting for me to pass by. “Ugly cunt”, he muttered. Shocked, I turned around and stared at him. “Ugly dog”, he mutters at me again, continuing down the block.

I took my phone out and pointed it at him. “What did you say? Say it again, I dare you”, I spat as I began recording. He kept walking, stopping only to grab a cardboard box off of a blue recycling bin to toss in my path. He said nothing else to me. It must be racism, misogyny, or perhaps both, I wondered. As of late, Asian women have been targeted for harassment/hate crime in SF, so perhaps people like this man are feeling particularly emboldened to threaten strangers in broad daylight.

Attached is a picture of the perpetrator from the back. I suspect that he may live in the immediate area.