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Damn, baby!

Felt unsafe outside my own apartment. Started off friendly. “Wow, hair blowin’ in the wind, are you a mermaid?” “I wish”, walking away. “Damn baby.” Ugh.

Ruined a nice afternoon

I was walking back to campus after running some errands. As I was crossing the street I heard someone rev their engine. I looked up and this greasy guy leaned out of the window of his beat-up old car, leering at me and nodding as if to say “yeah that was aimed at you”. I … Continued

Creepy neighbor

Walking past my neighbor, wearing a shirt that read “cutie [pie symbol]”. I said hello, my neighbor said “how’s it going cutie pie?” Commentary on my clothing is not appreciated, total stranger, who knows where I live!

These people don’t even care how old you are

This happened a while back when I was 16. I was walking home from school and a CITY WORKER pulled up next to me then stuck his head out of his car window and asked how much I charged with the creepiest smirk on his face. He didn’t care that he was on the opposite … Continued

I was so disturbed

My first year of college, I had an early morning class that I had to wait for the bus for. A man came up and started talking to me. He asked my name and age. I lied about both hoping he’d leave me alone. He obviously lied about his age to line up with mine. … Continued

Homophobia in action

I have had horrible experiences while in my home town following coming out of the closet as a gay man, before hand for being effeminate, and multiple instances after coming “out of the closet.” People broke a window out of my home, the headlight in my car, tried to run me off the road, threatened … Continued

Hate crime

A few days ago, someone wrote “Ugly Nigger” on my car door. I read somewhere that a lot of people who are victims of hate crimes don’t report it. I almost didn’t report this incident because a part of me felt embarrassed and ashamed that this had happened to me. But at the end of … Continued

She was so scared she hid behind a stranger

A person with black and blonde dreadlocks just walked up to an older lady who only spoke Spanish, called her a bunch of names, and mocked her when she was just sitting there trying to eat. The older lady was so scared she jumped up, exclaimed, “Ahhh!” in fear, and cowered behind a man sitting … Continued

Threatening note

I was in a yoga class. I came back out and noticed a note on my windshield. When I pulled into the parking lot, the person parked next to me was a bit over the line so that required me to park a little bit crooked. Well, when I came out of the class about … Continued

I was scared for my life.

I was at a coffee place with a friend after school. We were having a conversation when I noticed a man at the table across from us was staring at me. I thought “Maybe he’s just zoning out,” and went back to the conversation. But he kept staring at me. So I thought, “Maybe he’s … Continued