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Harassed by a man near Alamo Square

It happened near Alamo Square in San Francisco, between Fillmore and Webster. This man glanced back at me and stopped at a nearby house – presumably his own – waiting for me to pass by. “Ugly cunt”, he muttered. Shocked, I turned around and stared at him. “Ugly dog”, he mutters at me again, continuing … Continued

He truly scared me

I went to Rite aid after school, then I was headed home. Since I had my backpack, i didn’t purchase a bag at the store. When I got outside i was walking slowly putting the things I bought in my bag. I suddenly felt someone walking close behind me and moved to the side so … Continued

Followed and harassed

I was harassed by a man who constantly asked for my phone number and followed me when I refused. A shop owner then hit on me, grabbed my hand suggestively and made inappropriate comments. I was scared and at one point both were interrogating me. I was so paranoid and scared after the fact, that … Continued

Only 4 years old

When I was 4 years old, I was shopping at Macy’s with my mom, and we went to the bra section. While my mom was shopping around, I would just mess around and hide in the bra racks. A man came up to me and tapped my shoulder and told me to come out when … Continued

Overtly sexual, and angry stranger

I was walking down the street when a man began to say overtly sexual statements towards me. When I rebuffed his advances, he immediately started calling me a bitch and telling me that I should be grateful that he would even consider being with me considering that I’m “fat and ugly”. I told him to … Continued

Local threats

I was walking down the street, coming back from the grocery store. This man is leaning against his truck (I think he was a worker fixing one of the houses, or a gardener) and as I’m getting closer he says hi, but I ignore him and keep walking. He then says “Rawrrrrr” in this creepy … Continued

Creeper with Camcorder

While waiting at a bus stop my girlfriend was videotaped by a man with a camcorder in a very rundown car, as he drove away. She didn’t notice until the car behind him honked. Disgusting.

Stop telling women to smile

Was catching the metro home from memorial park station at 10:30pm and this guy said some creepy shit to me, I ignored it- bitch face™️ on and headphones in. He told me to smile more, I muttered fuck off. The train arrived just then and I fled as he yelled “WTF DID YOU JUST SAY … Continued

Transphobia on transport

A man who might have otherwise let me sit in his seat on the bus in the front where I could keep my belongings out of the way told me no, rudely. He’d obviously seen I had an “I support trans equality” sticker on my suitcase. I am homeless and needed the seat.