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Awful, terrifying AND racist

“Hey darlin”, “Dayum, redhead”, “you got an ass like a black woman, you know that?” [got_back]      

I hate not having the freedom to walk down the street

I was waiting outside my friend’s apartment last week. We had agreed to meet up, and I was early. A group of men on the corner started catcalling me. I ignored them and started walking in the opposite direction, and they started yelling more and telling me all the ways they were going to fuck … Continued

Weeks like this make me want to just stay home.

Weeks like this make me want to just stay home. Monday a man sat across from me on the bus and continually leaned over to whisper lewd comments to me. He told me I was making him hard. He said he bet I had a tight pussy. He claimed my lipstick was sexy but would … Continued

I went to work (crying, obviously)

Our assigned parking spaces are in an alley behind the apartment complex – they are enclosed in fences that we have to open up, get into our car, back out of, then get out and close again. As I was leaving for work this morning, I saw a truck driving down the alley. It slowed … Continued

I felt objectified and afraid.

I was walking with my best friend and eating ice cream when a man who was with a group of men leaned over and said “why you walking so fast, let me have a bite”. I felt objectified and afraid. Because he was with a group, I wasn’t certain if he’d continue to call after … Continued


I’m walking home, right by the library, and 2 creeps a little older than me (early 20s? I’m 16) drive past when I’m waiting to cross. They slowed down their truck and both the driver and passenger were leering at me and shouting at me. Thankfully I couldn’t really make out what they were saying, … Continued


A teenage boy repeatedly touched a girl’s breast on the bus though she told him to stop many times. [got_back]    

I worry I might run into him again

I was on the Orange Line headed to West Hills. I was on the phone with my best friend, when I noticed a man sit down directly across from me. I didn’t pay him any attention at first but something made me look up and when I did I was appalled at the sight. He … Continued

I ended up running to my apartment building

I was walking home after parking my car pretty far from where I live, due to the area being so over populated. I hate when i have to park so far away because it never fails: a 5-10 minute walk always turns into a 5-10 minute nightmare. I have stories for days, but this was … Continued

Talked about

Guys hanging out by Metro station. Feeling the need to say things I fortunately didn’t understand. creepy. [got_back]